Friday, December 29, 2006

Time Passages

Time to open up the capsule on the last few weeks:

-Packed up the house, took 6 days, was mind numbing, couldnt have happened without our friends and family. nuff' said.
-Drove 6 days west:
Highlights: council bluffs mall playground, pet friendly motel 6's, audio books with headphones, big box comfort, nap time drives, wal-mart jammy-time, the reliability of starbucks, mountain passes and their eventual outlet, helpful guides, good weather, family determination, arrival.
-2 weeks on a mountain, they dont make "hills" like this back home, which way to the beach?
-New apartment, found on a Tuesday, moved in that Saturday, 1 cat escaped when that evenings pizza guy opened the door, came back 4 days later...hungry!
-Day trips to Pt Reyes Lighthouse, Drakes Beach, Stinson Beach, Muir Beach, Muir woods, Childrens Explore Center, Emeryville IKEA, and Pacifica Beach.
-New job is the bliss, baby. Carving out solutions and bringing the mad noise mayhem.

-Holidays with family near and far, cheers & happy new year!

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