Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Game Audio Relevance 005

You wake up late for school man you don't wanna go!

New Audio Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath Dev Diary
Registration is now open for the AESorg 41st Conference on Audio for Games! personal picks - Inside Gaming Awards 2010 Best Sound Design
Wwise 2010.3 Now Available

Designing Sound - Jamey Scott Special: Reader Questions
Designing Sound - Jamey Scott Special: Unreal Tournament [Exclusive Interview]
Designing Sound - Jamey Scott Special: Gears of War [Exclusive Interview]
Designing Sound - Audio Director Mike Keogh on the sound of "The UnderGarden"
Designing Sound -  “Fable III” – Exclusive Interview with Kristen Quebe, Kristofor Mellroth and Shannon Potter

TinySubversions: GDC networking stories from Jeff Edward Ball
First videogame console was mute! Magnavox Odyssey: Music To Play Games By via SounDesignBlog
We Love Indie GameMusic
Game Audio Forum M√ľnchen
Zach Quarles New blog post: 10 Years Strong
Terraformers post mortem - a 3D game for both blind and sighted
“How Video Games are Different from Anything You’ve Worked on Before!"
Time Machine - part IV: Sound Tricks of Mickey Mouse
The Polynomial: Space of the music
Battlefield Vietnam Hardware #7: The Sounds of the 60's
Official photos from AESSF
Buy MP3s of sessions you missed at AESSF
In The Loop: Planning for Feedback in Game Audio Production Everythings related to graphic scores and Wiki
The Music of Majin and The Forsaken Kingdom
New "Field and Toys 2010" video here
Maya pyramids = acoustics riddle
FABLE III: A Fable in and of Itself
Making of Rabbit Ears Audio Hydrophonic Library

Using FMOD and simple music visualizer demo code and slides are up
Kawasaki ZX6R sound with fmod designer
Intro to Audio API's: FMOD, Wwise & Unreal

New MusicofSound blog post:: Creative Process
The Artistic Necessity Of Constraint
Robert Henke (Monolake) speaks of Making Decisions in Music Making

Dynamic Interference - New site post: Rollback...AES 2010 Day 3
Dynamic Interference - New site post: Rollback...AES 2010 Day 2

Interview with Composer Jared Emerson-Johnson on Tales of Monkey Island
Interview with Jared Emerson-Johnson Bay Area Sound's Composer Wunderkind

Trinigy/ Firelight Partner to Bundle FMODEX into Vision Engine 8 via
One of the best demonstrations of sound design in the FMOD Sandbox I have seen in a while via
UDK problem using Distance Crossfade for 1p/3p sounds, sound gets retriggered. Ideas on a fix? See Video Example via

via Lost Lab (that's me!)
Music Vault: The Pac-Man Album
Game Developer - Sound Design: The Forgotten Team
AES 2010 - Game Audio Track Wrap

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