Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Audio Implementation Greats Series Launched!

In an effort to round up some of the coolest tricks I've heard about (and can repeat!) in game audio, I've started a series of articles focused on the technical side of implementation over at

The first couple of articles provide a bit of a history lesson on Implementation Toolsets by going over some of the publicly available Audio Middleware that has been available, and several examples of Proprietary Tools that have been released into the wild.

I've been wanting a higher profile location to share some of these things with people who might be interested, and Miguel over at Designing Sound has graciously allowed me to present the series on what has become a fantastic resource for Film and Game Sound information. It's my hope that by shedding light on some of the techniques that may have been overlooked in the current generation of games, we can all push forward and raise the bar for interactive audio and continue driving the tech to the far ends of creativity.