Friday, December 16, 2011

Article Grab - The View is Incredible

wip view from the new desk
Sometimes it feels like the more you write, the more you write. But maybe I'm just saying that because I seem to have found myself all rolled up into a binge of black and white text lately that makes the idea of an everything milkshake sound like a good idea. While helplessly buried under a deluge of non-sequiters, hopeless metaphors, and witty gestural stabs that no one will get, I often turn to the writing of others to help prop up my feeble attempts and grand gesticulations.

Couple this with a fascination I've stumbled on recently for uncovering the secrets of game audio through the articles of yesteryear viewed through the filter of time from scattered corners of the internet, and within the many boxes of antique magazines I recently unpacked here at the new Kastle Kastbauer. Rather than dull the fine luster of these stone tablets of wisdom resurrected from the pressed pages of dead trees with my unwieldy commentary, I leave you to peruse the pontifications of others in area's of interactive audio from bygone era.

1994 Electronic Musician -  Big Game Hunting


1995 Mix Magazine: Multimedia Frontiers - Interview Scott Gershin


2007 Mix Magazine - Interview Scott Gershin


May your perspective on these ancient tomes allow you to decipher their message and allow you bring back the fruits of your labor to share with us all and lift up game audio on high with your generosity this holiday season and throughout the new year!