Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Game Audio Relevance 008

Infinite Jest - The Lung
I've said it before and I'll say it again, there is a tremendous amount of Game Audio news spewing forth from the interwebs on a daily basis. While this series attempts to wrap them all up with a shiny bow every month, the never-ending march of time is constantly stomping on my "leisure" time. I've recently launched an IASIG working group with Jory of StudioJory.org and we will be attempting to bring these links to a easily searchable, heavily tagged, and constantly updating content management system.

This is an official call for assistance!

If you are web savvy, looking to help build a database of Game Audio Relevant articles, and have some free time to spare...please do drop a line so that we can coordinate our efforts and round up this pile of content and get it out there for people to benefit from.

Until then, the spice must flow!

The Oxford Handbook of Interactive Audio Call for Papers April 1st Deadline rapidly approaching! 

Vancouver Computer Music Meetings: http://vimeo.com/vcmm 

'Four Guns West' panel about Audio in multiple AAA fps games up on http://publications.dice.se + http://slidesha.re/eMNjSy

What, @IASIG facebook Group? http://on.fb.me/f85yJF 
Now with Pictures from the #GameAudioGDC Mixer!

Did you know that the Interactive Audio Special Interest Group @IASIG is now on twitter? 
Well now you do!

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Friday, March 11, 2011

#GameAudioGDC 2011 Tweet Wrap & Photo Gallery

Outside the Audio Sessions
In the ephemeral stream of consciousness, it can often be hard to pin down the flow of a twitter stream. Here today, gone tomorrow; unless you were there, it may not have even happened. In an attempt to reel in some of the epiphanies shared by the community during GDC I'm rounding up a slightly modified chronological list of tweets as the came across the #GameAudioGDC hash tag.

For any of you on the fence about this whole twitter thing, it can be a fascinating way to get specific content delivered to directly to your virtual doorstep. A curiosity for the time being, but no less fascinating for it's constant ebb and flow.

You can find me on twitter @lostlab and the #GameAudio hash tag is usually on fire with news, musings, and relevant links to Game Audio related goodness.

Thanks to everyone who throws out a comment, shares an article, or pontificates on the state of interactive audio. We're all moving forward together to learn and digest what we can about this emerging artform. It's great to be part of it all!
Frank Bry, Robin Arnott (hat), Chuck Russsom (plaid), Howard Mostrom (back of head)
GDC 2011: Tuesday

Strategy: Meetings today with PSAI, FMOD, and Gigantic Software. #GameAudio Boot camp first to cheer for the new blood.

Badge acquired, schwag disseminated, eazy duz it. Who's in the house at #GameAudioGDC ???

Squeaky cart just rolled by, thought it was the pied piper, followed it down the rabbit hole.

The room here at #GameAudioGDC boot camp is full of awesome Game Audio people. So much potential in this room!

Scott Selfon currently dropping Game Audio science with excellent examples. Halo 3 IWHBYD Easter Egg changing rare dialog weight.

Fallout 3 VR segment: either kill everyone or play the correct sequence of sounds to get out of it. Game Audio player choice.

SSX Tricky ducks drums in the music during in-air jump multiplier as example of interactive Game Audio

PSAI: Emotional Music AI behind the curtain pulls invisible strings to adjust soundtrack dynamically.

FMOD Studio: Only showing interactive mixing functionality running in-game using @DoubleFine Stacking while tweaking realtime.

Gigantic Software: Here comes something slightly different. One to watch.

So many great people tonight at the Chieftan, the un-official #GameAudioGDC meetup so far. So open, so honest, so good.

#GameAudioGDC Sessions officially begin tomorrow, Expo opens, mayhem officially ensues. Those of you on the ground: Bring your A game

(?) , Steve Johnson, Stefan Strandberg, Simon Poole
GDC 2011: Wednesday

Strategy: Rounding up with folks from Audiokinetic in a few, wobbling the Expo floor, then fun starts. Today is lit to pop!

Wwise still bringing their A game in an impressive combination of intelligence, personalitity, and raw power. Absolutely sublime.

Miles: completely revamps their tool UI and makes impressive strides towards being a viable alternative.

Miles: They've got this wired up to a USB control surface mixing in realtime. Not pretty, but functional.

@DefactoSound "Visuals are a window into an immersive audio world" Brian Schmidt on #GameAudioGDC

4 Guns West Panel: Orchestrated powerhouse of experience/creativity from source to in-game delivered rapid-fire by rock stars.

@fbpsound Psychoacoustics Mixing talk: especially the LFE part of this presentation rocks. Lots of good info

 Steve Johnson, Charles Maynes (back of head), (?) , (?) , Chuck Russom

GDC 2011: Thursday

Capcom: How well integrated audio tools saved the game or How to re-build your Game Audio engine w/ some cool real time functionality.

Into the belly of the beast to hear @richienieto drop casual game music science on an unsuspecting crowd.

Just in time to hear @richienieto advocate for experimental music outside the norm in casual games

@kidkoexist: Martin Stig Andersen is an audio poet

@GL33kler: Limbo audio talk was awesome. Best talk I've seen at a GDC in a long time

@LampEightAudio: Eye-opening lecture on the decisions behind LIMBO..crossing ideas of acousmatic/ real-life sound.Loved it.

@patrickbalthrop: Limbo audio talk=blown away....far away

@fbpsound Just looking at Thief's musical in-house tool GRAMPS. Generative music goodness. Infinite amounts of spaced out soundtrack.

@fbpsound Gramps is linked directly to wwise. This program can make wonderful textures out of just one sample, and never repeat exactly

GDC speaker party = skipped, Kill Screen event I had ticket for = skipped, late night debauchery = skipped.

(?) , (?) , Ellen Meijers, (?) , Caron Weidner
GDC 2011: Friday

I'll be the guy moving in real-time today at #GameAudioGDC. It's the the secret to giving todays improv presentation without flailing.

Thinking about whether to kick it in gear for the last day of #GameAudioGDC? Joanna Orlands talk @ 9am on ambient sound for GoW3 is gonna rock!

For those of you that make it to Footsteps, stick around for Brian Mins talk on choppin' up Chopin for @doublefine stacking.

#GDC Is not over yet, so many great Game Audio sessions today. Go outside your discipline and soak up some sonic goodness on the 3rd floor!

There are TWO procedural #GameAudioGDC talks today, and at least 8 professionals working in the field here this week. What does it all mean?

@emilyindustries to deliver the ROCK later today at #GameAudioGDC She always brings the A game, if you're still around @ 3:30 best reprazent!

There are an inspiring amount of people here at #GameAudioGDC this morning.

@chuck_russom: Audio peeps at GDC. You are all going to Damian's footstep talk at 10am. That is not a question or request. Fucking go.

Thanks for the kind words and support from the #GameAudioGDC peeps. It was great sharing my experience, and thanks again for sharing yours!

IASIG Town Hall @ 12:30 3rd Fl West. Find a way to brown bag it!

Footstep wisdom from Peter @pryamind - Uncharted puzzle only solvable by listening to footsteps walking on (buried) trapdoor.

Footsteps Retro Sound Study Video - Part of my #GameAudioGDC Game Audio presentation: http://vimeo.com/19525536

Education panel at the IASIG Town Hall is seeding the future of Game Audio with their recently published curriculum guideline.

Comments from Ben Minto after my talk re: Mirrors Edge was insightful and an example of the beauty of #GameAudioGDC Props to @_KoiN as well!

Mind being blown: Crackdown 2 uses procedural audio for all physics impacts, why wasn't I notified until now? Brilliant!

The researcher previously worked at GAMMA.

Let's blow the doors wide open: Crackdown 2 uses procedural audio for footsteps...and they sound pretty darn good!

Someone once told me this, but I forgot/ didn't believe it. #thefutureisnow

Now reeling with pre computated wave simulation for obstruction/ occlusion. Comparisons are staggering in their beauty.

Keep em' peeled for the slides and audio from the Crackdown 2 Procedural Audio session. This work is leading the charge!

Nice to hear Angel from #MassiveAttack used in the environmental simulations. Classy choice!

Crackdown 2 research, papers, demo's: http://research.microsoft.com/people/nikunjr

At @emilyindustries #GameAudioGDC talk. Takeaway: Publishers think kids love phat beats. Emily says no, gives them Bernard Herman as temp!

@lostlab Just made a cameo when Emily's phone buzzed after that last tweek. Soooooooo meta!

@emilyindustries Music shouldn't be just another implementation flag for game play. All about emotions.

Absolutely track down the slides from this presentation. They are full of cheeky comedy, hilarious anecdotes, and 100% personality.

@emilyindustries Brutal Legend music design mantra: "Wouldn't it be cool if..." Yes, it would be VERY cool!

@drenmc just made a cameo at the talk via vibration. I'm proud to be in the company of so many tweeps.

Been poaching electricity in this room from side wall everyday during GDC. Today, bad ass soundguy ran me an extension cord. Can you tell?:) 
Joe(?), Justin Mullens, Hilary (back turned), Stephan Baker, Dallas Taylor
 @woldhek: @lostlab gdc_outr_0010 lostlab "yada yada yada heart gdc" vol:1.0 min:5 max: 30 wet:1.0 Game Audio geekery ftw

Procedural Game Audio was ON FIRE at #GameAudioGDC this year!

Chuck Russom, Paul Fox, (?) , Howard Mostrom (back turned) Frank Bry, Steve Johnson

GDC 2011 Pictures:

@sklathill (Vincent Diamante) GDC 2011 Photo Stream:

Nobuooo's 2011 GDC flickr photoset: http://bit.ly/gY8NI1

Nikunj Raghuvanshi, Francois Thibault, Kenny Young, Matt Piersall, Bobby Arlauskas, Tom Bible, Neil Wakefield, Ben Minto, Chris Sweetman
Charles Deenan, John Byrd, Adam Levenson, Scott Gershin (with cap)
Matt Piersall, Aaron Brown, Frank Bry, Tom Bible (back turned), Howard Mostrom, Steve Johnson (back turned)
Frank Bry, Howard Mostrom, Tom Bible
Jeff Edward Ball
Kurt Larson
Stephan Baker
Justin Mullens
Howard Mostrom
Matt Piersall
Tom Bible, Aaron Brown
So many good people, so many great conversations, such a great community to be a part of.
Until next year!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Attention All You Bearded and Mustached Men of Marvel

Why? Just cuz!

GDC 2011: Game Audio Middleware

Coming to you Hot off the expo floor last week from this years GDC is a round up of distributed materials and public knowledge gleaned while Hot on the trail of the new Hotness in Game Audio Middleware. (HOT HOT HOT!) These sell sheets efficiantly summarize this years offerings from Firelight's FMOD and RAD Game Tools Miles. Always a step ahead of the curve, this info doesn't seem to have made it up on their respective websites yet, but that won't stop me from sharing them with YOU right NOW!

FMOD Studio Specifications and News Update

Miles Sound System 9

But that's not all true-believers, behind closed doors the interactive audio community was a-buzz. With new offerings from Gigantic Software (be sure to see the Ken Burns UI teaser on their site) and PSAI (Periscope Studio Audio Intelligence), good conversations with the teams at Audiokinetic and Firelight, and the technology on display throughout the sessions; you couldn't ask for a better barometer on the state of Game Audio.

For those of you just tuning in at home, the technical side of Game Audio is ALIVE and KICKING!
So many people working together to enable those of us in the industry who are constantly reaching for the magic button or hidden feature that will help to sell the interactive experience with sound.

Thanks to everyone working out there to make life easier and better sounding in games!