Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Game Audio Relevance 008

Infinite Jest - The Lung
I've said it before and I'll say it again, there is a tremendous amount of Game Audio news spewing forth from the interwebs on a daily basis. While this series attempts to wrap them all up with a shiny bow every month, the never-ending march of time is constantly stomping on my "leisure" time. I've recently launched an IASIG working group with Jory of StudioJory.org and we will be attempting to bring these links to a easily searchable, heavily tagged, and constantly updating content management system.

This is an official call for assistance!

If you are web savvy, looking to help build a database of Game Audio Relevant articles, and have some free time to spare...please do drop a line so that we can coordinate our efforts and round up this pile of content and get it out there for people to benefit from.

Until then, the spice must flow!

The Oxford Handbook of Interactive Audio Call for Papers April 1st Deadline rapidly approaching! 

Vancouver Computer Music Meetings: http://vimeo.com/vcmm 

'Four Guns West' panel about Audio in multiple AAA fps games up on http://publications.dice.se + http://slidesha.re/eMNjSy

What, @IASIG facebook Group? http://on.fb.me/f85yJF 
Now with Pictures from the #GameAudioGDC Mixer!

Did you know that the Interactive Audio Special Interest Group @IASIG is now on twitter? 
Well now you do!

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