Monday, October 30, 2006

Movin' right along...dig-a dun dig-a dun

Footloose and fancy free!

Here's the latest run down:

* sold the house (yay!)
* went to cali and met the audio team/ saw the dev studio (yay!)
* quit my day job last day Nov 8th (yay!)
* mass packing and trailer hitching to ensue (meh)
* launching me, 3 ladies, and 2 cats down I80 from MN for 5 days to CA (eek!)
* staying for 2 weeks in a short term furnished apt (wooo!)
* hunting for a rental in fairfax, CA (yarr!)
* starting officiially on Dec 1st (yay!)
* trying to assimilate smoothly into a new climate/ work routine (????)

Be good!

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