Thursday, January 17, 2013

Am I a Rock and Roll Zombie?

I got a sweet USB cassette deck over the holidays and have been dumping down some priceless dead media from the collection. Among the old demos, musical sketches, and freakish monologues are a few mix tapes that defined my adolescent years in such an encapsulated form that I feel they are worth sharing.

This is one of my faves.

I ran my all-in-one CD/Record Player/Cassette deck through a stereo effects processor I had been using on my guitar for years. The goal was to use it to make transitions and effect the different songs in a way that they would all flow together, the reality is that it get's a bit wild at times. Side A kicks off with a lost sample from a Flash Gordon story album which bridges it's re-introduction at the start of Side B.

I'm beginning to think that we're dealing with some kind of sub-conscious hypnotic suggestion.

If that's the case, we'll have to find the thread that links all the victims together, something the all have in common.

Wait a minute, I think I've got it
Something they all have in common
Repetitive, thought controlling message
It's a wild chance, but it's possible

What is it Flash, tell us?!

It's the music, it's the rock and roll music they're listening to!
Side A
Flash Gordon - Excerpt
My Bloody Valentine - To here knows when
The Cure - Like Cockatoos
Saint Etienne - Hobart Paving
Miranda Sex Garden - Cut
Ride - From time to time
Madonna - Angel
The Filed Mice - Couldn't feel safer
Revolver - If we could spend some time
My Bloody Valentine - Can I touch you
Ride - Seagull (Live)

I used to be a normal kid just like you
I used to do the things that normal kids do
I used to have a girlfriend
I used to ride a bike
I used to like the things that normal kids like

Lately I been hurtin I been feelin' low
Body is pressed against the radio
Turnin' it up, just a little louder
Turnin' it up, just a little louder

Oh no, it is so
Tell me doc I gotta know
Oh oh, is it so
Tell me doc I gotta know

Am I a rock and roll zombie?
Side B
Flash Gordon - Rock and Roll Zombie
The Field Mice - If you need someone
Slowdive - Country Rain
The Beatles - Strawberry Fields
The Boo Radleys - Boo Forever
The Cure - Closedown
My Bloody Valentine - Nothing much to lose
Blind Mr. Jones - Dolores
Revolver - Shakesdown
XTC -Mayor of Simpleton
Slowdive - Golden Hair

From where I'm standing today, it still sounds good!

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