Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Please allow me to introduce myself

Report released maniac thorough study of the racing game sound effects!
I do a pretty good job of keeping things somewhat abstract around here, aside from some passionate outpourings and occasional nonsense. I've never really given a ton of backstory on my site, other than the obscure stab at a statement-of-intent on the home page. However, I recently had the chance to speak with some friends about what it is I get up to and how I got about doing it.

First off, Ariel Gross  (who I've taken to calling the Woody Allen of Game Audio) put together a comedy filled romp in the swamp during a conversation we had about technical sound design and what it is that I get up to (beside deciding which dashiki to wear).

Then, as luck would have it, George Hufnagl @grhufnagl extended an opportunity for me to wax-poetical as part of his recently relaunched 3X5 series over at Creating Sound.

Usually content to let an air of mystery surround the true meaning of Lost Chocolate Lab (or is it Lost CHOCOLATE Lab?), these interviews coupled with a shared outpouring of origin stories amount to more than you ever wanted to know about me and my thang.

If that wasn't enough, some of you may have noticed that I've taken over the reins of the Aural Fixations column in Game Developer Magazine from Jesse Harlin. I'm having a ton of fun trying to tap the universal #GameAudio consciousness and bring relevance to the conversations going on across the industry.

Couple this with a super secret sprawling technical document, a racing game sound study, and hustling like the freelancer I am to line up the next gig doing technical sound design, and it all adds up to a ton of writing. A good friend once told me that he writes because he needs to, and in the spirit of that I'm going to keep on writing!

Y'all be sure to call me on any bullshit that might come down the pipe, I'm not immune to putting my foot in it. Thanks for taking the time to dig what I'm putting out there.

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