Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Audio: What Went Right

Just a few words on the magical postmortem and a look as some developer relations. Hopefully those of you working at a a games company throughout the years have had the opportunity to reflect on the previous development cycle and strive to work smarter and carry forward solved problems into your companies next title. It should go without saying that within your department this institutional knowledge can contribute to building smoother pipelines and creating better sound for future projects.

In addition to a previously excerpted (audio related) postmortem from the delightful Game Developer magazine, I'd also like to highlight a couple of additional postmortems that specifically called out audio as part of "What went right" during development:

Dead Nation:

I guess it's just always nice to see the audio team appreciated for their unseen contribution to the style and atmosphere. In addition to the congratulatory nature of being seen as part of what went right, I also hope that the postmortem process helps move forward the potential for sound at a company and allows for an opportunity to improve on existing things that work.

Summer is here...and it's hot!

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