Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Game Audio Relevance 006

This series of game audio relevant links may serve as sort of an origin story for me, as I am floored on a monthly basis by the amount of related output that goes by on a monthly basis. What makes this the genesis of the 'lab you might ask? Well as few as 5 short years ago, you'd be remiss to find much out there regarding game audio on the net, at least information about the technical side was significantly lacking. I often found myself buried in SDK docs for HL2 or reading through OpenAL programmer API's in order to understand some of the fundamentals of how audio get's integrated into games. To say that we are in an information age is understating the obvious, but there really is a ton of stuff out there flowing down the stream of interactive audio if you've got your ears on.

Hopefully there's something of interest in this latest batch of madness, keep em' peeled!

Game Audio Rewind: 2010
Audio Implementation Greats #10: Mushroom Men -Made for the Metronome
Game Audio Podcast Ep 7:  Mushroom Men -Made for the Metronome
Frank Bry Special: Sound Design for Supreme Commander: This Is Just Way Too BIG!
Frank Bry Special: Methods of a Metadata Madman [Part 2]
Frank Bry Special: Methods of a Metadata Madman [Part 1]
“Fallout: New Vegas” – Exclusive Interview with Audio Director Scott Lawlor
New audio middleware company on the scene:
Mix Magazine: Naughty Dog Puts a Byte into Game Audio
GameAudio101: Brian Schmidt on the past, present and future of Game Audio
Gamasutra: The Sound Beneath Our Feet
Gamasutra: Resetting Accessibility in Games
Chuck Russom and Watson Wu featured in Game Sauce Magazine
How Players Listen - Simon N. Goodwin
Irrational Games - From the Vault: The Audio Incident

UDK weapon sounds triggering external synths like SuperCollider through OSC
More UDK madness from Sound Designer Graham Gatheral

Epic Games Announces Unreal Dev Kit For iOS Arrives
iOS Audio Design: What Everyone Needs To Know
What mobile means for Game Audio, from an insider.
Game Audio 101: Lode Runner Goes Mobile
Binaural audio game for iOS: Papa Sangre

Audio Jobs Blog: Lectures, and paid/ unpaid opportunities
"Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath" – Dev Diary 3: Audio
Video Interview with Watson Wu
Civilisation V soundtrack was scored in Sibelius
The Music of LittleBigPlanet 2
LittleBigPlanet 2 video interview with Baiyon on in-game synthesizers
The Music of Splatterhouse
Flashback Interview 2009: Interview with deadly creatures composer Dave Lowmiller
CAS Quartely: Game Sound from the Ears of a Linear Mixer
Gunpei Yokoi exhibit and unreleased SNES mouse game called Sound Fantasy
Game Audio Podcast Ep 6: Independent Sound Libraries
The Force Unleashed II (Music Review)
Engine Audio 2010 Year In Review. A spotlight our year gone by.
Q&A: Kenley Kristofferson on Interactivity in Manitoba Music
The Troublesome Truth about Voice-Overs
In The Future, Will All Cars Have Built-in Synthesizers?

Third-Order Ambisonic Extensions for MaxMSP With Musical Applications
Next-gen Cross-platform Audio Technology w/ OpenAL - Creative Labs GDC 2007
Dirt Interview - Simon N Goodwin
Blue Ripple Sound - Rapture3D
Ambisonics: 3D7.1
3D Sound for 3D Games - Beyond 5.1 - Simon N. Goodwin
Interview: Simon N Goodwin, Codemasters: Dirt2
Interview with Simon Goodwin of Codemasters on the PS3 game DiRT and Ambisonics

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