Sunday, June 20, 2010

Game Audio Relevance 001

Inspired by Tim Prebble and his Detritus series over at the incredible Music of Sound Blog I've decided to round up a host of links floating around online that have specific relevance to Game Audio. Maybe not the first time i've attempted such a round up, but hopefully I can get onboard with keeping these digestible from now on, this one is rather lengthy...we'll see how it goes.

A powerful ally for narrative: The audio of Bad Company 2
Game Audio Basics” March Issue of Mix Magazine

Cracking the Code: Breaking Into Game Sound

Edge Magazine takes a good, hard look at the state of Game Audio

Interview - Bay Area Sound

An oldie on surround music in games

Erick Ocampo Talks About the Sound Design of  “Front Mission Evolved”

Exclusive game audio videos from GDC posted!

Footsteps – Informal Game Sound Study

The music and sound of Flower

Akira Yamaoka's Sound Design Lecture at GDC 2010

Cadet 227 - An action/adventure game for the visually impaired / blind.

The Beautiful Sounds of Arcades: Arcade Ambience Project

Tutorial blog post - Adaptive Music with FMOD

Sound Spam - Interactive Audio Crimes in HEAVY RAIN

Dead to Rights: Retribution - Creating a coherent audio mix Pg.54

GDC 2010 - Lua and adaptive audio - Don Veca (Dead Space/ Activision) Presentation

Chuck Russom Special: God of War I & II

Chuck Russom Special: Call of Duty

DICE Publications: Audio Presentations

Video Game Audio Breakdown - Interactive Music [lecture]

Introduction to Audio API's, Comparison between Xact, FMOD, Wwise, And Unreal

The Sound Design of "Splinter Cell: Conviction" (Video)

Video with Lightning Bolt bassist/game scorer Brian Gibson

"FMOD Designer 2010 – Let’s Take a Look"

Recording motorcycles for the SBKX video game 

Develop is stocked with audio goodness. BF2, Wwise, and interactive dialogue

Interview: Audio Director Kristofor Mellroth on the sounds of Crackdown 2

Mario Music of Golden Proportions

Evolution of PC Audio - As Told by Secret of Monkey Island

LeftBrainBlog: Game Audio Inspiration - Dead Space

Why Audio Guys Use "Nice" Speakers

Develop Magazine: The Evolution of Middleware, FMOD Spotlight and Audio Track 2010

Psai Engine: "Periscope Studio Audio Intelligence"

APB in-game music sequencer

BerkleeLC forum "A Crash Course in Video Game Sound Design"

Stefan Strandberg on the Sound of "Battlefield: Bad Company 2"

Article about audio in the game design process

Disney Adds New Audio Descriptions to Theme Parks

Getting game audio right

Microsoft Gamefest 2010 Audio Presentations

How to break into Game Audio

UDK Game Audio Demo Project - Extensive Documentation

Blog post about closed captioning in games [CC]

Blind Community Upset By Nissan’s Choice of Sounds for New Elecrtric Car

The wealth of knowledge on the subject of game audio is somewhat staggering these days. It wasn't so long ago that I can't remember reading between the lines in articles trying to figure out how they did this and that in whatever game or interactive project was being discussed.

Hopefully the details of different techniques being exposed will lead to a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes, and continue us down the path of standardization and best practices as an industry.

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