Monday, February 22, 2010

“Game Audio Basics” March Issue of Mix Magazine

The March issue of Mix Magazine has an article I collaborated on with Tech Files scribe Eddie Ciletti in which we attempt to overview several game audio specific processes. It was a great experience swapping dialogs back and forth regarding what content to cover, and how to effectivly communicate some of the more technical concepts. I'm indebted to Eddie for his guidance, and masterful ability to wrestle coherency out of my jargon laden diatribes.

Tech Files: Game Audio Basics

Also in this issue, an in-depth on the Sound Production for God of War III with several members of the audio team reprazentin'. I love it when Paul Fox talks about the 2MB of RAM available for sound on the PS2...those were the days. Couple that with Steve Johnson's talk of 20 pre-buffered sound streams and I think we all have something to be thankful for in the current generation.

How many Megs do you have to work with?

Edit: Also now available in non-interactive magical flashiness version.

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