Monday, November 30, 2009

Game Audio Podcast Launched!

Anton Woldek and I have recently Launched the Game Audio Podcast.

The general premise of the Game Audio Podcast is to provide an entertaining perspective into our little corner of the world, and shed some light on the challenges we're all facing through discussion topics, industry related news, the game audio showroom, gear news, and special guests.

The idea came from discussions that get started at conventions, in sessions, on forums, and in chat rooms throughout the year. Often we would find ourselves talking with peers about general concepts, techniques, creative solutions to limitations...and we found that, for us, it wasn't enough to just touch base once and awhile and throw around our experiences and opinions.

Our goal is to extend some of those conversations and share the idea’s and thoughts that come from mixing up a diverse group of professionals and engage them in a topical discussion.

Hopefully we will succeed in bringing together some good conversations!


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