Monday, January 03, 2011

Game Audio Rewind: 2010

Now that 2010 is closed out, I just wanted to take a second and round up a batch of links to various projects that I was involved with and get them all lumped into a 'splosion of game audio. Every single one of them was made better by the involvement of others, and for that I am thankful.

It is truly a beautiful thing to work along side such creative individuals and to be able to share the common goal of engaging people in the art of sound. I hope that the new year comes with new prospect, and that you will all continue to shape and inform the future of interactive sound to the fullest.

Best to all in 2011!

Audio Implementation Greats
Audio Implementation Greats #10: Made for the Metronome
Audio Implementation Greats #9: GRAW 2 MP: Dynamic Wind System
Audio Implementation Greats #8: Procedural Audio Now
Audio Implementation Greats #7: Physics Audio [Part 2]
Audio Implementation Greats #6: Physics Audio [Part 1]
Audio Implementation Greats #5: Ambient – The Hills are Alive
Audio Implementation Greats #4: De’ Bug and the DSP Sound-Bomb
Audio Implementation Greats #3: Crackdown – Realtime Worlds
Audio Implementation Greats #2: Audio Toolsets [Part 2]
Audio Implementation Greats #1: Audio Toolsets [Part 1]

Game Audio Podcast
Game Audio Podcast #7: Mushroom Men - Made for the Metronome
Game Audio Podcast #6: Independent Sound Libraries
Game Audio Podcast #5: Mini-Episode
Game Audio Podcast #4: Procedural Game Audio
Game Audio Podcast #3: Interactive & Dynamic Music
Game Audio Podcast #2: Footsteps & Foley, Design & Integration
Game Audio Podcast #1: Ready, Set, GO!

Lost Chocolate Blog
AES 2010: game Audio Track Wrap
Procedural Sound Now [LINKS]
Content is King - Rise of the Independent Sound Library
“Game Audio Basics” March Issue of Mix Magazine
Footsteps – Informal Game Sound Study
The Next Big Steps In Game Sound Design - Gamasutra
Conan - Melee System Overview

Game Audio Relevance
Game Audio Relevance 005
Game Audio Relevance 004
Game Audio Relevance 003
Game Audio Relevance 002
Game Audio Relevance 001

(I kindof felt like I was busy this year, but the above only represents my un-billable hours)

Games Shipped
Back to the Future: Episode 1
Poker Night at the Inventory
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
Sam & Max: Devil's Playhouse
Puzzle Agent
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Deadly Intent

Wow, just wow.

GDC 2011 Speaker: Footsteps - Informal Sound Study

Hope to see you soon! 

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