Monday, October 11, 2010

Game Audio Relevance 003

Climbin' in your internet snatchin' your game audio links up.
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AudioStage: New dimensions in 3D audio authoring
Caught in a Loop: The Sound of Falling Tetrominoes
Keeping (Audio) Budgets Low and Spirits High
What the iPhone’s Sound Capabilities Can Do for Your Projects
Game Audio 101: The Creative and Technical Aspects of Music & Sound in Games
Reactive Music: Can artists learn from game developers?
The Sound of “Enslaved” (Video)
Bogotá AES online Presentation - Info on sound design for games & "How to Get a Job"
More About the Sound of "Crackdown 2"
Interview with iD Audio Lead Zack Quarles
Videogame soundtracks are often better than movie scores
Behind the music of Civilization V
The Music and Sound of “Front Mission Evolved” (Video)
Breaking into Game Audio
Nice selection of resources for learning about field recordings by The Wire Magazine
PSAI (Periscope Studios Audio Intelligence) outlined in EDGE magazine (zipped pdf)
Wwise - Convolution Reverb, DSP, Sidechain, YouTube Tutorials
Commandments of Bug Tracing
Implementing Sound for “Ace Attack” (iOS)
Julian Treasure on Sound health in 8 Steps
One to One & One to Many Relationships in Game Audio
Minnesota Sounds: Ice cream and summer, I hardly knew you
The Sound And The Fury Of Fallout: New Vegas
Sound Development for Ace Attack
Learn about sound waves and their sources watching this vintage video lesson
Sound and music for Retro City Rampage
Develop Magazine: Care in the Development Community
Penumbra Audio Physics
Making of Amnesia - Sound Designer Tapio Liukkonen
Mixing movies vs. mixing games. Watch ‎"HALO: REACH" game audio video!
Master of Sound: Tyre Textures & Indiana Jones

GameAudio Podcast #4 - Procedural Game Audio
Audio Implementation Greats #8: Procedural Sound Now!
Procedural Sound Now! [LINKS]

Hopefully I can keep rounding these up once a month to keep the aggregate digestable.
Where do you go for your daily dose of game audio related news?