Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Game Audio Re-Education

Turns out I've been at this for awhile (if you measure things in game years). I took a moment and paused this morning as I found myself on an archeological dig through a folder simply marked "Game Audio Presentations". Only it's not quite that simple (it never really is).

Digging back through the documents I began to see my career unfolding with each slide. The fundamentals of my education read between the lines in technical documents and whitepapers. So many words written by so many influential people who I truly owe my grasp and understanding of interactive audio to. Thanks to everyone who ever spoke, wrote, or pontificated on the art sound in and/or around games.

So without much (more) blubbering, and only a tiny bit of editing of the contents within the folder, I've zipped up the monsterous tome of game audio related madness and stuck it online in a convenient to download pile of pseudo-randomness. Many, if not all, of these can likely be found online given the resourcefulness of people in this day and age...but I've done the hard work for the past 7 years so you don't have to!

If you find something in there that shouldn't, if you're the original author and would rather go unread, if there's something buried within a presentation that offends you...please drop a line and let me know. It would be great to hear about unearthed treasures and sparks of wisdom gleaned from these papers, please feel free to share your epiphanies and recommendations in the comments section.

Otherwise, please go forth and learn:
Download 700MB: Game Audio Presentations


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