Thursday, March 10, 2011

GDC 2011: Game Audio Middleware

Coming to you Hot off the expo floor last week from this years GDC is a round up of distributed materials and public knowledge gleaned while Hot on the trail of the new Hotness in Game Audio Middleware. (HOT HOT HOT!) These sell sheets efficiantly summarize this years offerings from Firelight's FMOD and RAD Game Tools Miles. Always a step ahead of the curve, this info doesn't seem to have made it up on their respective websites yet, but that won't stop me from sharing them with YOU right NOW!

FMOD Studio Specifications and News Update

Miles Sound System 9

But that's not all true-believers, behind closed doors the interactive audio community was a-buzz. With new offerings from Gigantic Software (be sure to see the Ken Burns UI teaser on their site) and PSAI (Periscope Studio Audio Intelligence), good conversations with the teams at Audiokinetic and Firelight, and the technology on display throughout the sessions; you couldn't ask for a better barometer on the state of Game Audio.

For those of you just tuning in at home, the technical side of Game Audio is ALIVE and KICKING!
So many people working together to enable those of us in the industry who are constantly reaching for the magic button or hidden feature that will help to sell the interactive experience with sound.

Thanks to everyone working out there to make life easier and better sounding in games!

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