Thursday, February 25, 2010

Music Vault - The Butterfly's View

In an effort to re-expose some ancient musical recordings i'll be highlighting various musical tracks from the vault. While it seems like forever (1998) since these recordings were made, It could just as easily be yesterday.

Back before this website moniker was just a faceless name rounding up interactive audio curiosities and other such oddities, it was used as a name for a musical project that started after the demise of another band.

Today's track comes off the Lost Chocolate Lab release entitled "The Butterfly's View".

The title track is a chaos of swirling noise, distortion, and cacophony. The Flute performance was played live in the studio by my wife, and manipulated in realtime via the alleged DM-1000. The surrounding pileup was a mess of processing and caterwauling mayhem whose origin cannot be recreated. The whole everloving mess later had prose attached to it's various ebbing and flowing with regards to the title's proposed vantage point, the likes of which can be followed along with here.

Lost Chocolate Lab - The Butterfly's View

Having finally come across Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music" recently, I don't think a comparison is fair - despite a similar penchant for squealing and distortion. Ours has way more melody than the afor mentioned...although it may be no less relentless in it's attack.

Thankfully the rest of the tracks are a grab bag of styles reflecting different takes on the whole sound thang. After that kindof treatment, hopefully haven't totally estranged you and you'll drop by again sometime.

Thanks for listening.

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