Monday, May 14, 2012

Racing Game Sound Study [Links]

I tend to bury a lot of information within the text of these sound studies to serve as a further "jumping off point" for readers to dig deeper after they've made their way through the bulk of the research. Understandable, not everyone is into power-browsing with a multi-tabbed monstrosity within their search engine. So, here are the various links that were sprinkled throughout the study for you to further peruse at your leisure.

The study is represented by three posts:
Racing Game Sound Study - Lost Chocolate Lab
Racing Game Sound Study -Track Time Audio
Racing Game Sound Study - Game Audio Podcast

And an introductory article in Game Developer Magazine:
Vroom Vroom - A Study of Sound in Racing Games

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More links after the [JUMP]


Wiki - Racing Games
Wiki - Sim Racing

Game Audio Relevance - Vehicle Tag

Analysis of Game Interface Performance - Study testing the effects of different interfaces on players’ performance in racing games 'Drive' : a racing game completely based on sound.

Re-Sounding -  Partly Procedural Engine Mode
Bleeps and Pops - Car Audio System in a 3D game with Unity - Engine Sound Synthesis
Rigs of Rods - Soundscript files

Brian Beckman - The Physics of Racing

Forza Motorsport 4 vs SHIFT 2 Unleashed - Nissan 370Z at Laguna Seca - Comments on Sound - Observation about the car sounds

10 Principles Of Good Design: Dieter Rams

Why do Formula 1 cars sound like a pack of wild bees?

Crankcase Audio - Rev
2XL Games - XLR8
2XL Games - XLR8 Review
2XL's 'XLR8' Isn't a Game, But it Makes Driving Feel Like One
Drag FX - Big Block Entertainment
Drag FX - OBD-based Engine Sound Simulator


Simon N Goodwin's Codemasters softography - background information on his work in the Central Technology department at Codemasters.
Interview with Simon Goodwin of Codemasters on the PS3 game DiRT and Ambisonics
The Boar - Interview: Simon N Goodwin, Codemasters

Track Time Audio: Nick Wiswell Exclusive Interview Part 1
Track Time Audio: Nick Wiswell Exclusive Interview Part 2
Track Time Audio: Mike Caviezel Exclusive Interview
Track Time Audio: New FMOD Tutorial Discusses Car Recording
Track Time Audio: Forza Tire Physicist Talks Shop

Develop - Heard About: Forza Motorsport 4
Develop - Heard About: F1 2010
Develop - Heard About: Blur

Create Digital Music - Designing the Sound of a Real Car: An Audi, from Silence to Noise


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