Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pedal Board

 11-30-2005 9-49-43 PM
Alot of people who come here like to look at my pedal board (dont ask me why...maybe it's sexy? I have my own reasons for taking piles of pictures of it)...mmm...look at it...sooo pretty, how I miss you since I left you back home in MN.
Built from 5/8" ply-wood, it's got a nifty fold up design that allows fo either a side-by-side configuration or a two-tiered monster stomper that quickly converts into a giant sized self contained case. All self powered with the help of an old Juice Box, and wired directly to all the noise chomping love infested boxes of goodness. When not serving drinks down by the pool, it enjoys long walks in the moon light, warm Californian winters, and feedingback on itself in a squealcher-ific feast of brain damaging sweetness. Hear it for yourself!

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