Friday, October 06, 2006

pickledonion - the new magic

These days it dosent take much to wow me.
Gone are the jaded days of hard to impress stoicism and ragamuffin impishness.
A full on return to beauty everywhere and innocence abounding is just what mother nature calls for on days like these.

Enter pickledonion, a little 3 instrument step sequencer by Andrew Allenson that really delivers on the splendor of spontaneaous bliss.

Once shockwave loads it into your browser the clock starts ticking away and you're free to add/subtract notes & increase/decrease the number of notes played during the loop.

Something about the full on majorness of it that wouldnt allow an off note brought me straight back to rainbow colored xylophones and childhood nostalgia.
A much needed reprive from the recent intecsity around here.

Well done!

Also see: Musical Boxes

Pretty cool, if you let in run in the background and your computer starts chugging away on something, it will hang up the sequencer in a really cool Aphex Twin stuttering kindof way. Now I just need to get a knob installed in the program to do it on purpose!

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