Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Walking (In a Winter Wonderland)

Tis the season around here, and with a fresh foot of snow I headed out into the tundra to gather snow related samples for the library, here's a bit of what I cooked up:

I started off with some fresh snow footsteps

Then Moved into some grass & snow footsteps.

As well as some moonwalking in the snow.

With the standards out of the way, I really wanted to try for some good snow impacts, so I dug out an old boat anchor and proceded with the thumping and cooked up a really fine impact in the snow.

I shook the tall grass a bit, for good measure.

And, just to make sure anyone watching on as I labored away in the cold got a good show, I decided to swing some giant sticks around to get a few good swooshes a bit, for good measure.

A very healthy session, that has left me with some good creative bit's to apply!

Good luck to you, on your sound expeditions in the New Year!

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